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Infrastructure Protection Consultancy


Prostruct Consulting Pte. Ltd. specialized in solutions for protecting buildings and infrastructure against blast and other effects of weapons and explosion, and designing for safe storage of explosives. 

  • We are based locally hence able to respond to your queries swiftly.
  • We are conversant with Singapore’s authorities requirements and submission.
  • We acknowledge your requirements and we will customise our solutions to integrate with the daily operations of your building to ensure the continuity of your business operations in the event of an explosive attack.

            Our range of Professional Services includes:  

  • Consulting Services
  • Security by Design
  • Blast Resistant Design
  • Explosive Safety and Quantity Distance Sitting
  • Explosion Testing
    Structural Analysis 
  • Blast Effect Analysis
  • Structural Resilience Study
    Design of Structural Systems
  • Blast Resistance Retrofit
  • Blast Resistance Components
  • Blast Venting Components
  • Crash Barrier Systems

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